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World Premienew NEW Volkswagen GOLF 7.5 GTI With 245 HP

World Premiere-2018 Volkswagen Golf 7.5 GTI With 245 HP
Volkswagen has revealed its updated Golf, set to go on sale in Europe in 2017 and in the US in 2018.Under the hood come new engines with more power and efficiency.

GOLF 7.5

The European GTI, for instance, will come with about 10 more horsepower (roughly 230 hp) in standard guise, and 15 more (245 hp) in Performance trim. A new 1.5-liter gas engine is also being introduced in Europe that gets up to 51 mpg, but that engine likely won’t find its way to our shores. The relevant information here, then, is more power more, more efficiency, model year 2018.
The new engines will send power through a manual transmission or a newly developed 7-speed DSG dual clutch ‘box that’ll phase out the current 6-speed DSG.