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What means different colors of smoke from the exhaust! ?


Sometimes you paint the smoke coming out of the exhaust may give an indication that with your car, something is wrong.

Blue smoke

If your car throws a blue smoke means that the problem with the oil, burning oil. This usually happens when the rings or valves deteriorate, and then it happens that the oil leaking into the combustion chamber where it is mixed with fuel. If you notice this problem, check the oil and keep it controlled, because for such a failure is not needed immediately change the parts and pay for expensive repairs because the leaks are really minimal. Sure would eventually be replaced by a set of oil and repair the damaged part.

Grey smoke

For this smoke is difficult to give a proper diagnosis. Caused by similar failures as well as the blue smoke, burning oil, but bad turbo charger. So you need to check the oil, and fuel consumption, because usually these faults produce more fuel.

Also in the car with automatic transmission, the smoke problem can occur with transmission, failure in transmission speed and leakage of fluid to the combustion chamber. Besides this could be a problem with the valves. These valves are easily changed

white smoke

If you see white smoke does not have to mean anything dangerous, because it can represent the ordinary condensation inside the exhaust system. However, the larger cloud of white smoke could pose a risk. The main faults that can cause white smoke damage to the cylinder head and engine block cracked walls ..

This problem can not discomfited ignored, because the slightest leak coolant can lead to overheating and poses a serious risk of engine failure. Liquid can mix it with oil and can make a serious problem, the result of the general engine repairs.

black smoke

Black exhaust smoke means higher fuel consumption. First you need to check the filters for air conditioning, suction sensors, fuel injectors and pressure regulator. Black smoke is the easiest to diagnose because it knows exactly what causes it, and either repair these parts is not overly expensive, so a better time to visit the repairman