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VW XL SPORT: An Ultimately Efficient Supercar

The XL SPORT is an awesome sports car iteration of the VW’s eco-hyper-pod XL1 highlighted in the Paris motor show.   Many car lovers and enthusiasts now view this model as an ultimately efficient super car. Based on a design study, this model is the 200 millionth car designed and produced exclusively by the VW Group and this truly signifies a terrifying landmark.

The XL Sport guarantees unrivalled performance for this model carries a durable, high quality and heavy-duty engine and essential car components.  VW Group revealed that XL sport will obtain from 0-62mph in about 5.7 seconds with a top speed at 168mph, which individuals imagine feeling beyond terrifying with their buttocks 3 inches from tarmac.


VW takes pride in introducing another marvelous creation which they viewed as one of the best aerodynamics in the niche of sports car. This features drag coefficient of 0.258 and an exclusive frontal area of 1.7m2. The Ducati twin and slightly modified for XL duty will essentially rev to about 11,000 rpm driving the wheels via dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox. Though almost the same when it comes to proportion, the XL Sport Model is about 4 centimeters longer and 18 centimeters wider as compared to the XL1. This includes vents ahead of rear wheels offering cooling to the high-revving car engine.

This model is one important thing that triggers sports car lovers to celebrate. People’s response to the upcoming VW model is terrifying though it has not yet reaches some car market officially. Moreover, the interior design of the XL Sport is truly impressive. This was pleasingly and expertly designed by Peter Wouda. The designer revealed that the entire process is really challenging knowing that he is working with one of the most powerful car model ever created. It was really a tough trip.

Everything in this car is functional. There are reliable and active aerodynamics, rear cooling ducts, deployable rear spoiler and more. All these are imperative in keeping the shape ideal and pure. When the Volkswagen Group finally introduced the XL1 model, the whole world definitely took notice. The model was easy and comfortable to drive and safe. This has also achieved positive marks from different individuals. Despite some of the car model’s physical constraints, it has remained to be a remarkable car. This has inspired Volkswagen to come up with a one-off concept and desire to create the XL Sport.


This VW model is looks great inside and out. The XL Sport features more muscular appearance and new powertrain. The XL Sport car is a great model that individuals should watch out for. All the technical and physical details of this car model signify awesomeness. One would realize that this would surely be a worthy investment. Many individuals have chosen the previous models released by Volkswagen for many valid reasons.

With XL Sport, same level of patronage is expected knowing that this car model is planned to have more advanced features added and expert performance guaranteed. The XL Sport is another striking creation that will soon strike the car industry.