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VW Golf V GTI ECS Tuning

Who wants to make something special out of his Golf GTI V, or simply need more space in the wheel wells to take a wider tires can (about on the track), need to look at this Radlaufverbeiterungen Carbon times more detail. They should fit to the two-door GTI and give at least 75 millimeters more space in the wheel arch.
VW-Golf-V-GTI-ECS-Tuning-6 VW-Golf-V-GTI-ECS-Tuning-12 VW-Golf-V-GTI-ECS-Tuning-13 VW-Golf-V-GTI-ECS-Tuning-14 VW-Golf-V-GTI-ECS-Tuning-21
To have the kit is supplied with all accessories in ECS Tuning from the US. It costs 759.95 US dollars and what the German TÜV says, you would have to bring in more experience.