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GOLF 1 is a convenient and compact type of car which serves as the first generation of Volkswagen Golf.  This is also known as the successor of the Volkswagen Beetle.  This car was presented in 1974 with an intention to replace the aging Beetle with something modern and unique type of car with front wheel drive as well as creative and convenient hatchback.

This GOLF 1 is proven to be an influential type of car. From the start of its production in the year 1974, this golf had been already successful as one of the front wheel drive of all the people. In the USA, Honda, Morris Mini along with the N360 and even the Fiat 128 seemed to have limited success compared to the success acquired by GOLF 1.  This is the reason why GOLF 1 had been introduced to different types of countries all over the world to give people the chance to get hold of an amazing and convenient experience with the use of this car.  With the high quality features of the components and parts of GOLF 1, imports and dealership of the car exist which provides an idea to the Volkswagen group that this particular car is really the best.

Replacing the Beetle serves as the main reason why GOLF 1 is created. During the early 1970’s Volkswagen group had experienced financial difficulties with their sales on the Beetles that is why they opt to decide on something different that can provide optimal easiness and convenience to all the people.  As the group decided to spare time to design and create GOLF 1, their aim is not just to replace Beetle but also to make sure that a complete success and progress will be given to them. This is the reason why they are very particular with the design, style and even features of the product to be at its high quality in order to make sure that everything will be perfect.

The first GOLF 1 started its production in the year 1974. It was first marketed in Canada and United States in the year 1974 up to 1984 as the Volkswagen Caribe in Mexico and Volkswagen Rabbit. This GOLF 1 is water cooled and has front wheel drive kind of design. It also highlights hatchback type of car body style which makes it more unique and interesting for people.  It also features damped and firmly sprung with independent type of MacPherson strut with semi-independent rear suspension that provides crisp in handling and road holding at its comfortable pace.


This GOLF 1 was designed by an Italian architect and designer which make the car more appealing and convenient to be used. In the year 1980, in order to make its design more creative and appealing to people, large rear type of lamp clusters was added with molded black type of plastic bumpers that features LED car Warning lights. For the US version of the GOLF 1, rectangular headlights were created. This was the last major update that was made in GOLF 1 before the arrival of the newest Volkswagen car in the year 1983. Thus, the creation of GOLF 1 completely provides spectacular change and convenience to all the people from the day it was created until today.