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VR6 engine is one of the newest and the most convenient internal combustion engine configuration which has six cylinders. It was primarily developed by Volkswagen Group in 1980s and as it evolved in today world the original variant are still found in the engine. It has a narrow angle ranging from 10.5 degrees or even 15 degree V engine. The engines cylinder block is primarily composed of two types of cylinder banks measuring 1 by 3 by 5 on the left side and 2 by 4 by 6 on the right side. It has also single type of cylinder head that completely covers both of its cylinder banks.

The name of the VR6 engine primarily originated from the combination of the V engine and Reihenmotor which primarily means an inline engine or also known as the straight engine.  The engine shares similar cylinder head intended for its two offset cylinder banks.  It has precise and unique type of sound than other types of engine. The engine is already been used by different models of VW. The engine configuration of this VR6 engine was also been adopted by the Horex VR6 motorbike.


This VR6 engine is especially designed for the installations of transverse engine of front wheel drive cars and vehicles. The narrow angle of the engine which is about 15 degrees is more compact than the wider angle of its design. This is made in order to install the six cylinders in the existing four cylinders vehicles and cars. The wider kind of engine configuration of this VR6 engine requires extensive redesigning of the cars and vehicles in order to enlarge the compartment of the engine. This is the reason why this VR6 engine can also used the straight six engines as well as the firing order in order to make the engine configuration more functional and convenient.

The narrow angle of the VR6 engine allows the use of its one cylinder hear whereas its wider design of angle requires two separate kind of cylinder heads. This convenient arrangement also allows two types of overhead camshafts to drive all the way to its valves. This eventually simplifies that engine construction at the same time reduces its costs.  There are seven variants of VR6 engine you need to be aware of. The original type of VR6 engine displaced almost 2.8 liters and features a 12 valve design with two valves in every cylinder. These types of VR6 engines produces a DIN rated type of power output which is about 128 kW and 240 Nm.

This VR6 engine is used in Volkswagen Golf Mk3, Mk4, and Mk5. It had also been used in Jetta Mk3, Passat, and Phaeton and even in Touareg. This is just a great manifestation that this VR6 engine is truly an effective and convenient one in your cars and vehicles. With the high quality features and descriptions that make up this particular type of engine, you can now already determine its great convenience and effectiveness in your cars and all other types of vehicles.

From the day it was created and until these days, VR6 engine continuous to make its own name in the industry because of the spectacular components and parts making up this engine that provides optimal, convenience and easiness to all the people.