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Volkswagen Touareg – A Great Volkswagen Model!

Are you looking for a great car produced by a great automobile manufacturing company?  Well, it seems that you love collecting luxurious cars. If you are collecting luxurious and elegant cars then you must not miss to include Volkswagen Touareg on your list. To have Volkswagen Touareg is indeed a smart choice that can make you an ultimate car collector or a Volkswagen collector.

If you love collecting Volkswagen cars then your collection is incomplete if you will not have Volkswagen Touareg. Owning a Volkswagen Touareg is also a great investment than a car collector must have.  Probably, you are curious why many car collectors want to have Volkswagen Touareg.  One reason why many car collectors find it fulfilling to have Volkswagen Touareg is its great and elegant design.  Development of Volkswagen Touareg is a milestone artwork and craftsmanship of Volkswagen.

It seems that Volkswagen seeks for continuous innovation and that’s why they successfully completed manufacturing a stunning automobile like Volkswagen Touareg. No doubt, Volkswagen is a famous and well trusted automobile manufacturing company. The company’s expertise and years of experience in the industry, Volkswagen successfully acquired the trust and loyalty of many car collectors.  Volkswagen Touareg is considered as one of Volkswagen’s greatest produced luxury cars.

Description of Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg is a type of luxury cross over SUV with mid size suitable to car owners who want to have a comfortable car with a flexible and elegant design. It was produced in year 2002 in a Volkswagen’s headquarter particularly at Bratislava Plant.

It is initially a joint venture assignment of Audi, Porsche and the Volkswagen Group. Their main aim that time was to develop an off-road car which can handle being a sports car. The development team was comprised of more than 300 people fronted by Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert who is working for Porsche at the main base of the said car brand in Weissach, Germany. The outcome of the said joint assignment was the platform of VolksWagen Group PL71, which is shared together by the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Touareg, even though there were few differences between the equipment, styling and technical aspects of the said vehicles. Cayenne and Touareg both have 5 seats while the Audi Q7 stretched wheelbase holds a 3rd row for 7 passengers.

Because of to the public demand and exchange rate of euro against US dollar, together with environmental policies and different pricing in USA, the V8 and V6 engine variations make up the most offering of the American VolksWagen Touareg. Unlike other vehicle brands of VolksWagen in the market of USA, Touaregs has far more upscale trims and recognized as a good competitor of extravagant crossover SUVs from Mercedes Benz and BMW.

VW Touareg
Volkswagen Touareg


Many of the Touareg’s First Generation was said to the given to the cast, staff and crew of the movie Kingkong. It was indeed marketed that great since it is an off-roader vehicle since then and even up to now.  This only means that if you want to have a road trip with your family and friends to faraway forest or eco-friendly place.