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Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan is characterized as the (CUV) or compact crossover vehicle that is manufactured by a renowned German automaker named Volkswagen. This particular car has used the PQ35 platform from VolksWagen Golf. This car model equally features 4-cylinder engines and 2-row seating.

This VolksWagen Tiguan was introduced as a model vehicle during the Los Angeles International Auto Show last November 2006 and in production form during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. Its manufacturing started in the 2007 Wolfsburg winter at the Auto 5000, a VolksWagen 2001-2009 subsidiary. This continued at Wolfsburg and Kaluga Russia under the standard contract arrangements of the company.

In 2011, over 700,000 of this car brand were sold all over the world since the month of September in 2007, having its highest reported sales at the countries namely China, United States, Russia, Australia, Brazil and the continent of Europe. All said the said countries gave Tiguan a 5-star rating for safety.


Origin of the name Tiguan

The word Tiguan originated from the German words Leguan (iguana) and Tiger (tiger). Its name has won from the naming contest held by the Autobild—a publisher of car magazine in Germany from various names they have considered which as well include Rockton, Liger, Namib, Nanuk and Samun.


VolksWagen Tiguan includes front-wheel and four-wheel drive versions, in which both delivers enjoyment and comfort while driving. Its adjustable seat in the driver’s area and steering wheel, one can easily find a great visibility and ideal driving position. Its engines, on the other hand, its diesel engine makes the car more refined and it offers a great combination of performance and economy.


TIguan can take people in awe since its interior packaging is a comfortable and elegant one making any around the town trip with this car is appropriate for urban surroundings while it as well supplies comfort in the highway. Its interior design is fairly staid, all row seats are comfortable. The rear space is enough to accommodate 3 kids or two adults. For the front seat, it is very supportive, giving a good sense of vision for the car driver.  For the interior car seat materials, they feel solid and made from expensive well being.  There is enough cargo space at the back, along with rear seats which can be folded, giving some extra space for larger items in times that no one is seating at the back. Moreover, various extra stash spots involve twin glove boxes and a compact storage which is concealed beneath the floor of the cargo load.

Tiguan, At the PresentTtime

Last year, 2013, this VW Tiguan made changes minor changes from its previous features. It is notable for the made changes were the elimination of the high-end navigation system and ultimate Dynaudio sound system. This year, 2014, a new version of the Tiguan R-Line was launched which offers many upgrades of its appearance such as its trims and flat-bottom steering wheel together with a sport tuned suspension,  LED daytme-running lights and bi-xenon headlights.

VW Tiguan R Line
VW Tiguan R Line