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Volkswagen Polo – Test 3 X 1000 – Highway driving

Highway as the most difficult exam
Cruising the highway at Volkswagen “polo” is a good experience, but only if you are traveling alone or with another person. When there are more people, it is revealed that urban nature “half” is not exactly tailored for long journeys with greater speed and with a lot of luggage. Lack sixth “speed” in the transmission characteristic of small city cars, directly affects that consumption on the highway to be higher, but still overall average after 3,000 km remained at a moderate level.


Volkswagen “polo” is a true city car to which length of less than four meters allow easy penetration through the crowded, narrow streets and tight parking. His urban nature not only reveal small dimensions, but also gasoline volume of only 1.2 liters of whom massive torque at low revs allows remarkable resilience – but only up to the speed that the city allowed. In order to test our “3×1.000 km” car, regardless of its purpose, drive by at least a thousand kilometers in the city, regional roads and the highway, so we and the Volkswagen “polo” and went out of town. Uniform ride on regional roads has not proved a problem for small gasoline engine, you can not just say, for the third part of the test, which is driven on the highway and in which we simulate go on winter vacation or summer vacation the whole family …

The full text can be read in a magazine SAT Plus no. 355 of 20.11.2014.
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