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Volkswagen New Models

Volkswagen has been progressively producing its latest models. VW cars have always been a top choice for car owners because of its convenience and efficiency to drive. For instance, the VW Golf GTI Mk4 is a classy car that has mainstream machines and premium cars eats with a new level of quality interior as well as sophistication that has never seen from other mainstream brands. The quality of VW Golf is unparalleled with the Audi A3 model but is more affordable than other classy cars out there. This latest model remained Golf concepts but has been upgraded with arched styling same as the MK4 Passat. Volkswagen offers five-door station wagon or the five-door hatchback available in the market. The European Golf Wagon looks like the North American Jetta Wagon but differs in bumpers, grille, front headlights, and fenders because they are interchangeable between Jetta and MK4 Golf.




















The GTI 25th Anniversary Edition is created under Golf GTI to commemorate the first ever model of GTI to Europe. This model comes in three colors namely reflex silver, black magic pearl, and tornado red. While the GTI 337 Edition is painted exclusively with metallic reflex silver. Both VW models offer extra features such as BBS RC wheels in ball peen finish, black and red seat belts, perforated leather handbrake and shift boot, factory body kit, black and red Recaro Le Mans upholstered seats, manual transmission of 02M 6-speed, 312mm front brakes in Red Calipers, aluminum interior brushed trim, and tuned suspension lowered sport.

These models are not equipped with sunroof and improved performance and handling, which actually rooted from the MK1 GTI.

The Golf R32 comes with a dual-clutch gearbox and is available in German market. Volkswagen sold it to the US because of its unpopularity. Owed as the summit of Golf 4 platform, R32 included every safety, performance, as well as luxury of Volkswagen feature such as the all new VR6 engine in 3.2 liter that has produced a motive power rate output of 177 kilowatts with 236 pound-feet of torque.

Further additions to the VW models are the Haldex Traction-based four motion with on demand 4-wheel drive, climatronic automatic that is climate control, 6-speed manual transmission, Konig sports seat with R32 logos, independent rear suspension, alloy wheels of 18” OZ Aristo, larger disc breaks in 334mm with blue calipers, electronic stability program, additions of model-specific bodywork and sunroof. Newer versions of VW cars are created from the older models to be able to provide same classic quality for VW car owners.

You can find bigger saving on a new model of VW car depending on its availability. You will find varieties of new Volkswagen cars that will suit your preferences and have one of a kind vehicle that can be used for a longer period of time. The current stocks of new VW models are the Golf, Phaeton, and Polo. In order for you to get the best one, refer to our page and be guided with the latest models Volkswagen has to offer