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Volkswagen is working on a feasibility study of entry into F1

According to recent reports, Volkswagen is working on a feasibility study on whether it is possible for the company to create a team that competed in F1. Citing sources familiar with the plans of producers, media report that a study led by former director of Ferrari Stefano Doenicali who has moved to Audi earlier this year.
Sources say that the interest Voklswagena to enter F1 grew after winning this year’s championship title for the constructor by rival companies Mercedes-Benz, as well as numerous marketing potential that is brought to winning the title.

Unfortunately, Bernie Ecclestone and president of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech have a very negative attitude towards one another, so it is unlikely that they will enter the Volkswagen Formula 1 until it was led Ecclestone, or perhaps while Peicheva not retire. The same sources said that as VW decides to enter Formula 1 it will be only with their own car and the team.