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Volkswagen Golf: What You Need to Know

Now on the seventh generation, Volkswagen Golf hatchback celebrates its 40 years in the business this year and the longevity can attest to Volkswagen’s increased popularity among car buyers. Last year, the Golf Mk7 was released and despite of being slightly longer and wider than its forerunners, this is definitely 100 kilograms lighter.

This is made possible by the car’s lightweight chassis. This car is actually not cheap, but its appeal lies on the car’s top-quality cabin, decent practicality and elegant driving experience. Volkswagen provides wide range of typical rail diesel and turbo-charged petrol STI engines all throughout the Volkswagen Golf range. All of these are decent performers with regard to emissions and fuel economy.

For car buyers who wanted the most in the Golf economy, there are options available such as the Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion. This is a highly efficient version that is also more economical than other brands of cars. For added features, Volkswagen Golf includes Bluetooth mobile connection and digital radio. Volkswagen also provides mid-range SE and sporty looking GT that gets bigger car tech as rear and front parking sensors.

For enthusiastic drivers, there is also the authentic hot hatch, the 198bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI. These present days, Golf GTI is available with power upgrade. Beyond this is the even hotter Volkswagen Golf R that produces big 296bhp. This has also a four-wheel drive. If the standard hatchback shape is not your kind of thing, Volkswagen also makes Golf in variety of styles such as the newest Golf SV carrier, Golf Estate and Golf Cabriolet. All models are available with Volkswagen’s six-speed gearbox.



It cannot be denied that the latest Volkswagen Golf quite matches the SEAT Leon or the Mazda 3 when it comes to head-turning appeal. This Volkswagen car models look classy, stylish and unique in its own special way. Though Golf is not overly different, the changes are comprehensive and there are also major visual tweaks on the exterior. For example, the recent incarnation of the Volkswagen’s hatchback features bold crease that is cut into flanks giving the car a sporty and low stance. The interior of Volkswagen Golf is completely impressive.

The wrap around dash appears like a little Spartan however; when you look closely you will see that Volkswagen Golf has presented it intuitively putting together first-rate materials.


Volkswagen Golf consistently delivered highest levels of refinement and comfort and it’s good to know that latest Golf Mk7 is not an exception to this.

Even when it comes to motorways speeds, Volkswagen Golf features hardly any road o wind noise and this is almost ghost-like over bumps because this just glides quickly over them. Progresses are made even more fluid by selecting an adaptive damping system as an effective option.

Aside from the effortless and smooth ride, Volkswagen Golf has made this car engaging to drive. Drivers benefit from the well-weighted steering, strong brakes and precise gearshift while  the electronic differential tend to help in delivering sharp turn-in to extra and corner traction when taking an exit. Overall then, Volkswagen Golf always inspires and gives confidence to the driver.