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Things to Know About Golf 3 GTI VR6

The Volkswagen Golf 3 GTI VR6 is one of the highly popular budget performance car models sold in the market these days. For over thirty years, Volkswagen has actually been taking its economy auto-based hatchback model and transforming it into a GTI through providing more powerful brakes and engine. With impressive features and fantastic style, there is no doubt to say that Golf 3 GTI VR6 is a perfect Volkswagen model that is not only desirable but also very fun to ride.
The Golf 3 GTI VR6 is an impressive engine not only due to the fact that it pushed out 128kW but also because of its engineering advancements and compact design, allowing all VW enthusiasts to hold on to their bragging rights. It is an exciting VW car model that will allow you to enjoy a ride on the road.

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Many VW aficionados throughout the world are considering Golf 3 GTI VR6 in their car-to-buy list. Many who have used this wonderful model even revealed that this is actually a resurrected pocket rocket, puncturing sixty miles per hour in 6.7 seconds and costs more than 6 grand less than a Corrado with similar drivetrain. This just means that this car model is a practical and valuable option for those who are looking for a new vehicle.

The VW Golf 3 GTI VR6 is quite heavy and is even acknowledged to reach almost seven-hundred pounds bulkier as compared to Rabbit. Thus, it is no longer a surprise to know that its 0.78-gram grip is the same with the first GTI’s made. With the eighty-two extra or additional horsepower, the remainder of the measurements of the car is strictly fresh reading.
Despite the speedometer that’s calibrated to 160, Golf 3 GTI VR6 is still able to attain the top speed of 129 miles per hour, which make it twelve miles per hour faster as compared to what was formerly the fastest production GTI ever tested. This is a robust and highly reliable car model that will certainly give anyone an exciting and enjoyable driving experience they are looking for.
Volkswagen always knows that there are a lot of VW enthusiasts who enjoy and love they cars that they make. From W8, Beetle to Golf models, Volkswagen goes out of its way in order to create an innovative care that will draw special attention from many people from all parts of the world. With the inception of Golf 3 GTI VR6, a lot of vehicle enthusiasts and VW aficionados can now access to highly valuable car model in the world.
With the number of vehicles and cars available in the market these days, finding the best one can be quite daunting. Purchasing the right car model can also be very overwhelming. To avoid the intricate process of finding a new vehicle, why don’t you opt for Volkswagen Golf 3 GTI VR6. This impressive car is made of the best quality materials and provided by the leading company in the industry. Golf 3 GTI VR6 can be the ultimate vehicle for you.