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The History of Passat











On the eve of the launch of the Passat B8 we take a look back at the Passat range over the last four decades. Volkswagen has been perfecting the Passat over the last seven generations and with 22 million Passats sold worldwide, it’s revving up for a fresh start.

B1 1973–1980

Giorgetto Giugiaro designed the saloon that the Variant would soon follow. Just a year later, the B1 topped the German registration statistics and sold more than 2 million units worldwide.







B2 1980–1988

The B2 became a worldwide hit as a hatchback and Variant. At almost 5.5 million units in all its guises, it remains the most-produced model range in the entire family. The golden oldie: the Santana notchback version







B3 1988–1993

The third generation was produced as a saloon and Variant and sold 1.6 million units. Thanks to the transverse mounting of the engine and transmission, the interior was roomier. New: TDI technology, supercharged petrol engine and compact six-cylinder.







B4 1993–1997

Designers gave it a new front: a radiator grille slightly raised at the corners. The so-called “happy face” becomes a trademark look over the following years. The B4, 700,000 of which rolled off production lines in all, also received a stiffer body, more safety features and more powerful diesel engines.








B5 1996–2005

With a fully galvanised body, advanced technology and a luxury-class level of quality, the Passat became the leading light in its class. The result was that over four million units were delivered worldwide.







B6 2005–2010

The 1.8 million B6 vehicles sold worldwide included an additional body variation: the CC, a four-door coupé. It was also the first time the double-clutch transmission was offered on the Passat.








B7 2010–2014

With the B7, the standalone CC was joined by the Alltrack. The international Passat family includes single models such as the Chinese New Midsize Sedan and the Passat manufactured in the US.

passat b8











B8 2015

Volkswagen Ireland has released pricing for the new eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat, which will go on sale in Ireland for January 2015. The new car, which boasts a brand new design, new engines and a host of new technologies, will have a starting price of just €27,295 for the 1.4-litre 125bhp TSI petrol model in saloon guise. Pricing for the diesel range, will start at only €28,940 for the 1.6-litre 120bhp TDI version