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New volkswagen passat and adaptive cruise control .Adaptive Cruise Control, or ACC, is just what it sounds like. While regular cruise control simply holds a speed you set, ACC maintains the following distance automatically using your front sensors. This means that if the person in front of you slows down, your Volkswagen will slow down too without the need to cancel cruise control and reset it. The latest generation of adaptive cruise control ACC incorporates predictive cruise control. Up until now, the system in the Passat was a pure Adaptive Cruise Control system. This proven feature will also be offered in the new Passat. From now on, the new, predictive ACC will be available as an additional option.

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2015 Volkswagen Beetle and 2015 Volkswagen Eos

Volkswagen is a very popular car manufacturer that proved a lot to everyone when it comes to quality, stylish and functional models of automobiles. Two of the most popular Volkswagen versions that have made a name in the industry are the Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Eos. However, customers find it hard to determine which of […]

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An Initial Look on the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Many individuals have probably driven the XL1, a diesel-electric and plug-in hybrid that is highly capable of travelling more than 200 miles on one gallon of diesel. According to Volkswagen Group, this feature makes this car one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the world. Now, VW is unveiling a new model based on XL1 […]

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Golf I Sliding: Volkswagen supplier Lunke & Son in Witten, specializing in door and hood hinges, late 1973 built the handmade prototype driver side to a sliding door. Probably should be “disabled” version should be prepared. The early golf had some features such as door openers and window cranks from the beetle, which accounted for […]

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Volkswagen again stops production in Russia

German car giant again on Monday suspended production in Russia for the second time in two months, down weak demand in this market that stifle Western sanctions and poor facilities. The largest carmaker in Europe will cease production at the facility in Kaluga, western Russia, on the five working days, until November 7, to adjust […]