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Scirocco Old Model

Did you know that the last VW Scirocco rolled off the production line back in 1989? After its absence of around nineteen years, the Volkswagen Scirocco is now back with new features and great updates. With the technological innovations and great evolutions made in the car manufacturing industry, Volkswagen also made great changes in Scirocco to make new powerful models. However, before delving deeper into the wonderful upgrades, it pays more to understand first the Scirocco old model.

The Scirocco old model or Type 53 was actually born when Volkswagen realized that they would need to replace the beautiful but rather ageing and outdated Karmann Ghia. First appeared in the year 1974, the Scirocco old model was a 3-door sports hatch and was selling around five-hundred thousand units by the year 1981. There have been some slight changes made in the first years of production, however, it’s not until the 2nd generation model arrived in year 1982 that the vehicle improved notably with the interior revised, torque improved and engine power output obtained a great boost.


The production still continued until 1989 and by such time a further two-hundred ninety thousand unites were produced. Huge sales continued around 1992 until the VW Scirocco was then replaced by the Corrado. A lot of Scirocco old model enthusiasts remain.

After many press speculations, Volkswagen started to unveil the concept version of the Scirocco new model, which is now available in the market. The new model has obtained much attention from the public and it’s too late to say whether the lovers of the Scirocco old model will also embrace the new model or not.

The Difference between the Scirocco new and old Model

The Scirocco new model has a 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder that develops 217bhp, obtaining a ten-bhp gain. Volkswagen also claims that this new model is up to nineteen percent more economical than the old one. The new 2.0-liter TSI with 178bhp has replaced the old model with only 1.4-liter, 158bhp.

In the Scirocco old model, you can opt for two 2.0 TDI engines, developing 175bhp and 138bhp respectively. Now, with the new model, that is 182bhp and 148bhp , with the lower-powered version.

Who will notice when you purchase the Scirocco new model? Well, only those ardent fans Volkswagen Scirocco will notice the difference. Although there is no any massive change made on the exterior or looks of the Scirocco new model, such developments are essential to the overall looks of the car.

Until now, VW Scirocco is still associated with an old vehicle for most young people. Even though they have already been well used, both first- and second-generation vehicles are still able to give their drivers with ideal dynamics as well as interesting design.

The engineers of Volkswagen was able to bring back the Scirocco old model, presenting new concepts and bringing great updates and innovations to meet the changing needs of car enthusiasts. Although there have been different changes made in this car model, there are still some who prefer to purchase the Scirocco old model.