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There are different types of engines that are out in the market that can best serve your car and other vehicles. Of all those engines, one of the commonly chosen one is the R32 engine. It is one of the fastest, exclusive and more comfortable types of engine that can boost the performance of your cars.  It is primarily powered by a strong 3.2 liter V6 engine that features Volkswagens 4 motion type of four wheel drive system making it stunning and convenient to be used.

R32 engine highlights spectacular features which makes it very unique and convenient from other types of engines. To give you an idea more about its convenience and effectiveness, here are some of the exceptional features making up R32 engine and these are as follows:

  • Looks

The range topping looks of R32 engine sets itself from other types of engines. It has silver grille as well as big grille that surround the engine. It has big and deep rear kind of bumper having two centrally mounted kind of exhaust. It also sits lower than other engines since it is 42mm longer than other engine models.

  • Practicality

This R32 engine measures 244 liters which is primarily smaller than other standards of car engine. This is due to the four wheel type of drive system that this engine possesses.  This greatly means that the space is much smaller which allows you to save huge amount of money.

  • Handling and Ride

The heart of this R32 engine highlights excellent performance with its four wheel drive systems that employs Haldex clutch in order to split power in front wheels as well as in the rear wheels.  Since this Hauldex clutch is an electronic type, it effectively and safely link to other safety system of the engine that includes the traction control and the ABS. On the road, this means that R32 engine can acquire all 247bhp down having minimal wheel spin and also bends with a high quality pace managing its hatches.  R32 engine has electro mechanical type of power steering which makes the car performs fast and will not create any type of noise while you are driving.

  • Performance

This R32 engine is noticeably faster than other types of engines. It can effectively and conveniently reach 62mph in less than 6.5 seconds with manual guise as well as 6.2 when fitted with other VW’s excellent semi-auto type of DSG gearbox. The speed of this engine is very fast and convenient. It has big capacity which highlights pulling power at its best which makes it suitable for searing car acceleration.  It can also provide amazing exhaust with race car buzz when the car making use of this engine is pushed.  This is due to the fact that this engine is much quit and stead when it comes to its road way pace.


With the use of this R32 engine, you are always assured that driving your car at a long distance can be very easy and convenient for you to do. Knowing the high quality features of this R32 engine, you are already given an advanced hint more about the convenience and effectiveness of this engine compared to other engines that you have already used in your cars.