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Oettinger Golf VII GTI With 360PS

oettinger golfoettinger golf 7Tuner-House Oettinger is the manifestation of Waterfest 20 presented a completely revamped Golf GTI, which has only recently been introduced to the American market. Thus, many fans of Golf GTI ‘on the other side of the Atlantic’ be able to enjoy the true sports car.

Oettinger Golf
Oettinger Golf

Oettinger Golf 7

The aerodynamic package consists of a front spoiler with splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser with dual exhaust pipes, and roof spoiler.

Attractive appearance contributions and 5-short sporty wheels ‘Black Redline’ that it fits into the overall vision of the vehicle.
Also, increased engine power Golf GTI, which in the basic version is 210 hp, and Oettinger offers three variants of the 290, 320 and 360KS, which significantly improves performance.