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GTI Engine


What is a GTI engine? GTI stands for Gran Tourer Injection. Gran tourer or grand touring are the English versions of Grand Turismo, the Italian term for cars that have had used GTI engine.

Although the term was initially a vehicle classification, car manufacturers use it as a marketing tool. The first vehicle with a GTI engine was the 1961 Maserati 3500 model. This vehicle introduced fuel injection to tourer class. With the addition of “I” in the “GT”, which stands for Grand Tourer, the term has become associated with the car’s performance.

GTI belongs to the entire group of touring class vehicles such as GTA, GTO, and GTR. All these vehicles claim high performance engine, luxury, and comfort, defining the traits of grand touring. Such cars are ideal for long distance trips.

GTI cars are among the smaller editions of GT types, such as hatchbacks and coupes. Typical example of a car with GTI engine is the Volkswagen Golf, which has begun production in 1976 and still popular these days. Majority of GTI’s are two-door cards, though four-door models exist. When fuel injection cars are still in the minority in the 1960’s, the GTI label offers novelty value. Not that nearly all new car have fuel injection engine, this moniker is no longer useful, other than for promotional value.


 Volkswagen GTI Models

The Volkswagen Golf is a classic example of a car with GTI engine produced by the renowned German manufacture, Volkswagen. VW GTI models are marketed worldwide since 1960’s under various nameplates and body configurations.

Probably, the best thing about VW cars with GTI engines is the performance. Even smaller cars with GTI engine can produce power enough for drag racing. What makes VW GTI’s different from other car makes and models with GTI engine is that VW cars deliver near stantaneous reaction right from the engine and it produces more power easily. In fact, overtaking is fairly easy as most VW GTI models have easy to use gear pedal. This allows you to leap past slower traffic in a safe and short distance.

While you do not buy a high performance car to save gas, VW GTI cars are equipped with a technology that helps to minimize gas consumption and emissions. Riding a GTI engine powered car by Volkswagen has never fun and comfortable at the same time.

The 2015 GTI car models by Volkswagen are powered by direct injection turbo-charged engine with reliable driving performance. Volkswagen offers GTI engine powered cars with great performance. In fact the letters “GTI” have stood for superior performance for Volkswagen for more than 3 decades now. The latest VW GTI model features the signature hot-hatchback segment of the company and can be seen to its interior. The latest GTI model comes with 3-5 door-hatchback versions and 2.0 liter direct injected turbo engine. Car buyers can expect the performance of this latest GTI model is superior to its siblings. Not to mention that hatchback comfort, stability, and flexibility that the 2015 VW GTI car offers.