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GOLF 4 R32 and GOLF 5 R32

Volkswagen is a leading and most trusted automobile manufacturer that has already established a credible and impressive reputation in the car industry. This is also one of the authentic and top-selling marks of the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen is the biggest and most famous German automaker and the second largest carmaker in the world. This got three exclusive cars on top of their list namely the Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Passat.

With these three major cars, Volkswagen has still more plans included in their list such as more cars that they are planning to manufacture. Volkswagen is recognized as the top-notch company that spends millions on development and research.

The Volkswagen R32

Driving a Volkswagen R32 is like driving a Porsche Carrerra 4 however on a smaller version. The engine of Volkswagen R32 offers the same smooth, addictively aggressive and silky shove. The Vee Dub’s 4Motion system tends to generate similar tenacious grip. Moreover, the uber-Golf got similar razor-sharp seats-of-the-pants feedback and steering. Volkswagen R32 can take similar ballpark as the modern Porsche and this is really something you need to own and drive.

The GOLF 4 R32

The Volkswagen GOLF 4 R32 is a compact yet robust car and the fourth generation of Volkswagen Golf. This will surely be another big hit in the car business and industry and a best-selling car as expected. This model was created in an attempt of making further developments with highest equipment level and interior quality. It is apparent that the maturity of the over-all design is striking and impressive, making GOLF 4 R32 part of the special edition models list. The features and specs of this latest VW model was never compromised, making this car worth every attention and positive marks. With an aim for further innovations, Volkswagen Group also comes up with the concept of creating the GOLF 5 R32.

The GOLF 5 R32

The GOLF 5 R32 features a transverse front engine. When it comes to fuel consumption, individual really have nothing to worry about because this car displays fuel efficiency feature. The discreet tuning of the chassis and the suspension changes makes this Volkswagen car model better handling and ride. This is available in different body configurations, features and technical details. Features and specs vary depending on the different GOLF 5 R32 models.

Volkswagen Golf is on top of the list when it comes to features, styles and driving. This car model was crafted using the finest materials to ensure durability, efficiency and performance. This also displays a contemporary and futuristic design that will surely grab the attention and interest of many. For drivers seeking for comfortable and confident ride, GOLF 5 R32 models are solid choices. Though GOLF 4 R32 and GOLF 5 R32 has distinct features and specifications that set each other apart, it cannot be denied that both has their ways on how to impress and delight drivers and car shoppers.

You will always be surprised of all the marvelous things GOLF 4 R32 and GOLF 5 R32 has to offer.


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