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CES 2015 in Las Vegas – 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Touch 2015 Audi A7

This is the car of the future: Consistently networked and intuitive to operate! The Volkswagen Golf R Touch presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the world´s first compact model with gesture controlled operating elements. The concept car is able to detect touchless hand movements and convert them into commands. Driver and car become one interactive unit. Moreover, the Golf R Touch almost entirely works without switches. The goal: Despite the permanently increasing complexity and number of functions, this concept is designed for maximum personalization and intuitive operation.
Audi arrived at the CES almost completely without a driver. From Stanford in Silicon Valley to Las Vegas in Nevada, the Audi A7 piloted driving concept accomplished the entire 550 Miles nearly on its own. The car, called „Jack“ by its developers, can execute lane changes and even overtaking maneuvers independently. Only in dense city traffic, the driver still has to take over.

A little less technology than the A7 piloted driving concept is provided by the Connected Golf, also shown in Las Vegas. It is not just a vison for the future but displays fascinating current solutions such as the integration of all smartphone interfaces as „App Connect“ – and much more. The Connected Golf currently is the maximum networked car. The market launch in the US and Europe with the latest infotainment systems is planned for the current year.