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Wireless EV charging to market by 2017 by Volkswagen ?

Some of Volkswagen’s plug-in hybrids and electric models like the e-Golf (pictured above) might be ditching the cord in the coming years. The giant automaker has plans in place to offer wireless – or inductive – charging as an option on some models as soon as 2017, according to reports. Owners would get the added […]

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VW celebrates 40 years

On March 29, 1974, the very first Volkswagen Golf rolled down the assembly line. That little car has gone on to spawn seven generations, while the Golf name has become one of the models in the hotly contested compact segment, selling over 30 million units during its 40 years on sale.


Sporty Beetle

Sporty Beetle models displayed by Volkswagen included the E-Bugster which debuted in 2012 sporting a fully electric drivetrain, and the Beetle RSi along with other historically significant versions of the icon.