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An Initial Look on the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Many individuals have probably driven the XL1, a diesel-electric and plug-in hybrid that is highly capable of travelling more than 200 miles on one gallon of diesel. According to Volkswagen Group, this feature makes this car one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the world. Now, VW is unveiling a new model based on XL1 that features three times the motorsports-derived chassis and horsepower for an entirely new and convenient feel.
The Volkswagen XL Sport concept was first introduced in the Paris Motor Show 2014. Despite the previous car model’s athletic look, the model does not really intend to break performance records. The newest Volkswagen XL Sport is built with more stunning and muscular appearance and powertrain. The XL sport do not actually comes with electric motor however; this includes the most robust two-cylinder engine in the world derived from Ducati Superleggera.
Magnesium-alloy engine components, high strength and durable steel sub-frames and a body crafted utilizing fiber-enforced carbon polymer makes the car light and strong. VW estimated the top speed to be 168 mph made possible by the car’s smaller frontal area and the 0.26 drag coefficient. These essential factors help Volkswagen XL Sport to hit 62 mph in about 5.7 seconds.
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At first glance, Volkswagen XL Sport clearly adopts a uniquely different looks as compared to the XL1 model. The XL Sport is indeed a sporty model with gorgeous compact designs, lightweight constructions, efficient and powerful drive train. This latest model also features broader fenders, forceful air intakes and more.

The Volkswagen XL Sport is one of the most interesting and exciting Volkswagen car concepts. This is another powerful vehicle that will surely set an amazing speed and performance record. This car model I also noted for its various technological applications, practical and futuristic design, unrivalled fuel economy features and low carbon dioxide emission.

With the Volkswagen XL Sport, the manufacturer had successfully created a model filling all essential sports car gaps in their lineup. Most significantly, Volkswagen has proven that individuals do not necessarily need eight or six cylinders in building high-performance cars. However, this statement still needs to be supported by the Volkswagen XL Sport production version.
As expected, Volkswagen XL Sport remarkable appearance in today’s car market signifies a lot of innovations and effort of VW in developing innovative and powerful drive train solutions. Run by motorcycle engine or not, Volkswagen XL Sport really needs to be production cars so that this can significantly tackle both the track and the road.

This newest and most exclusive car model got a very huge potential and Volkswagen can use and take advantage of this in joining the battle for the best sport cars. Volkswagen has never failed car lovers and with its newest Volkswagen XL Sport, individuals will be offered a solid choice when it comes to sports car range. With the features and specs displayed by this model, individuals will surely be encouraged to invest in this marvelous creation. This car is built to last and can guarantee longest time usage and functionality.