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2015 VW E GOLF

E GOLF: No Gas, All Fun

Drive up to 83 miles with no gas with Volkswagen 2015 E GOLF. This vehicle is the first Volkswagen in the U.S. that allows you to drive with no gas. Expect an all solid German engineered performance from the all new E Golf in an electric form with hatchback versatility and zero-tailpipe emissions.


Like the most electric cars, the E Golf is an adaptation of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. But unlike others, this car is engineered to accommodate a wide range of powertrains and vehicle types. This car works hard compare to the other vehicles in his family. The W golf cosmetic distinctions are subtle limited to running lights and LED headlamps, 16-inch wheels, modest badging, a unique rear spoiler, C-pillar air vanes, and a front-grille shutter that is revised.

Aside from resembling a garden-variety golf, Volkswagen wants this car to drive like one and the company has been successful. This car has dynamic personal compared to its siblings; in Normal Mode, the car has limited body motions, a firm suspension, moderate brisk acceleration, and transient response that is better than average.

This car is powered by a 24.2 kWh, 264-cell, Li-Ion battery pack that weighs 688 lbs. The absence of a conventional engine may be an issue to the mass of the car to some extent, but this car weighs almost 370 lbs heavier than its original version, the Golf Five-Door Automatic.

The electric motor of this care gives e everything it got right from the first rpm, although its power is not as much as the power of the gasoline powered Golf’s. The torque is almost even, though Volkswagen gas engine horsepower is still superior.


  • It Takes One Drive Only to Forget the Car is Electric – This car may be electric powered, but it goes up to 83 miles per charge. With its electric engine equipped with an impressive 199 lb-ft torque and 116-hp electric engine, you’ll enjoy every one of these. It delivers maximum torque, which responds quickly, 3 regenerative braking modes, and 3 driving (Normal, Eco+, and Eco) modes.
  • Electric – The E Golf is electric so it’s uncomplicated. Simply charge the car at home via a 240V wall socket or at select   VW dealerships, or any public charging stations. But, this car charges faster with a Bosch home kit. What’s more is that VW offers an eight-year limited warranty on its battery. Also, the car comes with 360 miles or 3 years road assistance providing you peace of mind each time you drive.
  • Versatile – The E golf may not have a conventional car engine, but it has everything. This 4-door electric vehicle from VW features electrically heated windshield, rear view camera, 7.2 kW charger onboard, full LED running lights, MDI, heated front seats, key-less access, push button start, multifunctional steering wheel, touch screen navigation system with voice control and proximity sensors, and more.

The Verdict

With a starting MSRP of $35, 445, the E Golf is the most anticipated vehicle to have by electric cars fanatics. The 2015 E Golf by VW is a solid electric car that offers good driving dynamics and comfort both at the same time.

2015 E GOLF
2015 E GOLF