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2015 Volkswagen POLO GTI

The New Volkswagen Polo GTI is a successful sports car. On first appearance it doesn’t look like a sports car, but upon more inspection, it is absolutely something which will heal. This car lives up to its name in its durability and construction. This has some exceptional details for an auto of this size. It comes with a 6 speed transmission with a tap clutch located on the steering pillar. This allows this auto to go from 0 to 60 with relative ease and speed.

The comfort of its interior is amazing for a sporty car with wrap around seat. The surrounding of the cockpit makes it simple to reach for stuffs within and around the dashboard. Polo GTI steering pillar comes with telescoping design for additional convenience and comfort. Many features are alluring which include the integrated Navigation System, travel modes, iPod plug as well as a remarkable stereo system. It comes with lots of protective devices which include 2 airbags on the front seat, side airbags as well as side doors made of steel for the security of the passenger and the driver.

Around the exterior of the auto, one of the best and surprising details is the 2 exhaust pipes to provide the auto with sporty appearance. The facade comes with a honeycomb grill which wraps around in enhancing the appearance of a sports car. The VW logo symbol on the trunk also acts as trunk release.

It comes with tinted window to give utmost security to the passenger and driver’s eyes and keep you interior safe from sun damage. It comes with optional trim packages and adds a sportier look to the car.

As with all products of Volkswagen, the Polo GTI is a quality car in both reliability and construction. Made to survive road bumps, this Polo GTI is a superb small car which not just looks sporty and classy but also will go on to be reliable.


Financing choices are as differed as those who buy one. With VW buyer’s choice, there are straight out funding options. If that isn’t a good choice, there’s the lease choice or the first time purchaser choice or a potential customer can select to driver’s choice. Every choice has a particular value depending on the needs of the clients. When the clients like to return the auto each 1 to 4 years then this is a smart choice.

Buyer’s choice is on hand in specific states and is ideal if you like to utilize the car for a long time and either return it back or purchase it for the difference in the worth of the auto and the sum place in on the payment plan. There are specific program on hand for first time buyer or leaser, however it depends on the credit score and the sum of initial payment required.

With a lot of choices to select from and guaranties on hand the state of the art Volkswagen POLO GTI is a remarkable choice for those looking for style and versatility, a impressive little car which handles with comfort and ease, it’s closer look.