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2015 Volkswagen Passat 8

The expression “all-new” has been overly used in the world of automobile. In this world gradual and sharing, revolutionary midlife alterations, it is unusual that a manufacturer will release a vehicle that is new from ground up. Hence, when Volkswagen has released its Passat 8, everyone has felt really amazed.

The design and technologies of the newer Passat has overcome the class limitations. It is the very first Passat to feature responsive digital instruments and integrated hybrid system. It arrives in the market of Europe during the 4th quarter of year 2014 as an estate vehicle and as a saloon.

Exploring the 8th Generation Passat

Irrespective of having the wheelbase that is 79mm longer as compared the model it restores, this 8th-generation sedan is 2mm shorter than and as heavy as 187 lb (85 kg) as compared to its predecessor. Also, it is lower as compared with the old model, giving the vehicle some better help and stance with handling.

passat 8
passat 8


In addition to being lighter, this new model comes as a sleeker looking car than the machine it replaces, having a lower and longer bonnet line. Volkswagen has also adjusted the windscreen back’s base to produce the more “premium” silhouette, which is essential when it is on Mercedes, Audi and BMW in a competitive mid size class. Regardless of the lower roofline, Volkswagen has claimed that luggage space, headroom and legroom space turn better than the 7th generation model.

The “premium” silhouette of the Passat is mixed with wider, slimmer LED taillights, which have been created to highlight the car’s width. Optional, up front adaptive headlights, comparable to the ones being featured on the modern Mercedes CLS, may adjust their functionality to give the brightest beam possible without dazzling approaching vehicles.

vw passat 8
vw passat 8

Making sure the 8th generation Passat boasts the premium touch has become the focus for Volkswagen that is dedicated to take the Passat upmarket within Europe. Internally, it launches the “Active Information Display” of the company, which is optional, replacing the rev-counter and speedo within the instrument binnacle with the customizable screen. This screen could display details about radio and navigation, as well as revs and speed. This may be complemented with the heads-up display, which projects main information onto the windscreen to keep the eyes of the driver on the road.

If you are a kind of person who often struggles with narrow vehicle spaces, this innovative generation of Passat might be the perfect car for you. The model features a Park Assist that is now capable to parking nose-forward in 90o spaces along with the 360o view camera, which offers the driver some clear view of the situation around them on low speed.

Even though fancy tech and good looks are important, the interior of any car is still what’s more important. All of the engines of Passat are revolutionary to the model variety and are up to 20% more effective as compared to the models it replaces. Passat 8 has a lot of features to offer that is something buyers should consider with the new car they will purchase.