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2015 Volkswagen EOS – A Best Choice Volkswagen Model!

Are you searching for best car that can make more people feel envy? If yes then why not buy Volkswagen EOS. It is a popular automobile model that you can have. To have Volkswagen EOS is indeed a smart choice that you can have. Owning a Volkswagen EOS is also a great investment than a car collector must have.  Probably, you are asking why most car collectors want to buy Volkswagen EOS. Well, for sure one reason that they probably considered is that Volkswagen EOS is a product of Volkswagen. It is a popular and leading automobile manufacturing company.

With company’s years of experience and expertise, no doubt that is it one of the most trusted automobile manufacturing companies around the world. Volkswagen EOS is one of Volkswagen’s popular automobile models that a car collector must not miss to have.

Overview on Volkswagen EOS

It is a well know sport compact auto manufactured by Volkswagen in the year 2006. After almost 8 years after its development, Volkswagen EOS is still considered as one of the most efficient and stunning products of Volkswagen. There are still many people who want to buy Volkswagen EOS. The development of Volkswagen EOS was a milestone car production of Volkswagen. It was Volkswagen way of saying that they are still the best automobile manufacturing company.  Volkswagen EOS got its name from a Greek goddess Eos who is the Goddess of the Dawn.

The Design of Volkswagen EOS

Many people love Volkswagen EOS because of its stunning design. The roof design of Volkswagen EOS is compose of 5 pieces folding roof with independent sliding glass and sun roof feature. It has automatic trunk. The roof design of Volkswagen EOS was developed by OASys.

Individual Engines of Volkswagen EOS in Europe and America

Volkswagen EOS comes with different engine available in America and Europe. In Europe, the engine of Volkswagen EOS is 147 kW / 200 PS 2.0-litre TSI also comes with 6-speed DSG while in Europe it is being offered with one TDO or direct-injection turbo Diesel and 3 direct injection turbo petrol engines.

2015 Volkswagen Eos
2015 Volkswagen Eos

Manifestation of Innovations

No doubt that Volkswagen is a dedicated and passionate automobile manufacturing company that continually aims for innovation. Development of Volkswagen EOS happened almost 8 years ago however the company never failed to impress many car collectors and buyers as they continually improve that style and design of Volkswagen EOS. Today, in the year 2014, Volkswagen presented a newly designed Volkswagen EOS with excellent sporting style and elegance that can encourage more people to buy Volkswagen EOS.

The design of Volkswagen EOS’s front section transformed that gives classy and elegant design to Volkswagen EOS.  New design relatively gives brand new look and classy design to the overall appearance or improved Volkswagen EOS. It comes with headlights that have radiator. Radiator of Volkswagen EOS consist narrow & trimmed chrome strip and black struts. It has 14 LED lights, main headlight and optional headlight. All new parts of Volkswagen EOS come with great features that can impress more car collectors.