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2015 Volkswagen E-Golf-Most Efficient Car in the U.S Market


Cars manufactures are responding on the need of the industry for efficient and eco-friendly cars. With the release of e-Golf by the Volkswagen of America, Inc., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized this VW model for its zero tailpipe emissions. This fully electric Volkswagen car is another breakthrough made by the company in response to the world’s advocacy towards sustainable development.

Being the first compact e-vehicle in the U.S market, Volkswagen has already sold E-Golf model for over 30 million dollars worldwide. The e-Golf and the all-new VM models for 2015 represent the bright future of the car manufacturer in the U.S.

Going back to the performance of the Volkswagen for the last two years, 2015 is definitely a fruitful year for the automaker after spending years of redefining their car production system to be globally competitive.

2015 VW E GOLF
2015 VW E GOLF

Now that the company is on the right track, all of their VM models for 2015 are gaining positive response in the car market. Most of the growth in 2014 is recorded in China with an increase of 18.6% in sales. For the first time in history, VM was able to deliver 1 million cars in China in just within 5 months.

Obviously, the automaker has already learned how to play the game well in the market in order to increase their profit. VW creation of comprehensive platform system along with their flexible global production plan made the company to look for solutions to generate more profit for long-term growth

With the creation of e-Golf, Volkswagen has redeemed the company name in the car industry. Traditionally, Volkswagen is popular in delivering automobile with effective engine performance. But, cars are rapidly evolving as years pass by to meet the needs and demands for efficient cars.

Improved cars at a lesser price will always end in a good result. Improved sales means increased in profits. The head-turning appeal of Volkswagen Golf made other automakers to feel intimidated. It is good that the company is regaining their confidence in making stylish, classy, and lightweight cars.


There are many cars in the market which are locally and internationally made with excellent features.But, what makes the 2015 VW car models unique are the latest specifications and features added to them. The new model line-up of the company has advanced features that will make your journey on the road more comfortable and lightweight.


Indeed, Volkswagen successfully created new car models which are larger inside yet weight less. Every model meets the high standard of the carmaker industry with more horsepower both in disease and gasoline. The new Golf used excellent XDS Cross Differential system which is responsible for overall stability. Despite of these improvements, the E-Golf and other VW models are much cheaper than the other outgoing model in the market. The automaker has worked to put together the new system in place. Finally, they pull it off made other automakers intimidated with the innovation.



Over the years, the luxury automaker has been developing new innovative cars. However, 2015 is the most anticipated year for the company to prove that they can make innovative cars.