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2014 Jetta SportWagen


Out of 10 Wagons, this 2014 VolksWagen Jetta SportWagen is ranked at the 2nd position. This ranking has been based on the overall analysis of published test drives and reviews together with the safety and reliability data in regard to the car.

Test drivers who had firsthand experience with this 2014 Volkwagen Jtetta SportWagen, commonly say that the car has high-quality of interior and sharp handling. The readily available diesel engine of the car as well recognizes its ability to deliver good fuel economy estimates. Since the car received good combination of long term ownership, price and positive reviews among its Wagon class, the car is presently named today as the Bets Wagon for the Money.

Volkswagen Sportwagen
Volkswagen Sportwagen

Products Features

  • Comes with a standard 5-cylinder gasoline engine and at the same time, 5-speed manual transmission or an alternative of 6-speed automatic. This 5-cylinder gas model acquires 23/33 highway/city with the manual transmission.
  • Available as a model of diesel since it comes with a diesel engine that is turbocharged 4-cylinder and either an alternative of 6-speed automated manual transmission or 5-speed manual transmission. The TDI model acquires 30/42 mpg highway/city along with the manual transmission that is way too good for such class.  Most reviewers of this car say that the gasoline engine provides sufficient performance, however, they opt like to opt more for the diesel model since it delivers quicker acceleration and better economy of fuel.


Journalists have said that the interior of this 2014 Volkwagen Jetta SportWagen is finer than the Jetta sedan since it is built from premium and built-to-last quality materials. The car is being praised for its spacious sets in the front and large area of cargo. For its control and navigation, they say that its layout is simple to understand and easy to manipulate. Moreover, here is a more definite review about its interior.

  • Accommodating interior. The front seat can be easily adjusted wherein a driver can rapidly find his most comfortable sitting position without re-adjusting himself to the seat for a couple of days.
  • Steering wheel and dash button are easy to utilize and everything is easy to figure out.
  • Well- endowed and elegant cabin
  • Folding read backsets
  • 67 cubic feet area for cargo
  • Bluetooth phone
  • 8-speaker sound system
  • Optional features include rearview camera, leatherette seating, push-button start, navigation and panoramic sunroof


According to the firsthand reviewers of this 2014 Volkwagen Jetta SportsWagen, it is better handled than many of the other compact SUVs and wagons in which it competes for. They say the 5-cylinder engine of the car is indeed sufficient to provide quality performance but they choose more of the diesel powered Jetta SportsWagen TDI since it is the combination of great acceleration and economic fuel.

Safety Ratings

The average rating for this car is good. Certain aspects of the car has gone through a series of tests such as the small overlap front  test, moderate overlap front test, rear crash protection test, roof strength test  and the side impact test results to ensure that the car can be reliable and dependable while it is running on the national highway.


The car is something that people must acquire if they are looking for a simple yet efficient car.